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Our guide to all things dating

5 Things You Need to Know about Dating Apps

There is an app for everything now. There are even dating apps. While these apps may seem simple to use there are some things to seriously consider before using a dating app. These are 5 things you should know about dating apps before using them. 1 Quality Over the Quantity: When a person gets a lot of matches they will feel excited. There are a number of people showing interest in them. Usually this does not last. The quality of the connection with one person is better than no connection with ten people. It is better to find someone with a real connection than many bad dates. 2 Wait For Something Real: Dating apps is a great way to meet people and flirt with many people at the same time....

The Best Dating Apps To Use Right Now

The world of dating apps has exploded in recent years with millions of active user from across the globe. Dating apps a great way to meet new people wherever you are. But are all dating apps alike? we look at some of the most popular dating apps that you should be using right now and explore what makes each app unique. Tinder: Tinder is of course still the most popular dating app, and really the one that started the boom in location-based phone app dating. Based your location Tinder gives the user a selection of people that are available in close proximity and according to the user's specifications. There is, of course, the infamous swipe left and swipe right system that allows a user to intuitively sort through available matches...

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